Best Recliners for Seniors – Choosing the Ideal Recliner for Aging Gracefully


I am Dora, a sixty-five years old grandmother. I have two sons and a daughter. No one is there to see me except my husband, who is older than I.

Many of us get trapped in muscles and joint pains even before the sixties. We can’t afford to see the half glass empty in this kind of situation, arousing our thirst to fill it in. I struggled hard to push back my arthritis pain and loneliness but found no recovery.

To keep me moving forward, I decided to buy a comfortable recliner that might support me to relax with entertainment gadgets to kill time and alleviate the aches. Out of my relentless efforts, I found the one that reclines me back to sleep, sits me right upward and lifts me straight without putting pressure on my knees and toes.

Today I will share my hard-won list of the best recliners for seniors to help the elderly folks on earth. I compiled this out of my arduous efforts to find a panacea for myself. I am confident that having anyone out of these five recliners can reduce dependency on others and endure the self-help spirit for a better living.


Jummico Fabric Recliner

Adjustable Home Theater Single Recliner Sofa Furniture with Thick Seat Cushion and Backrest Modern Living Room Recliners
Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair Adjustable Home Theater Single Recliner

When the comfort of your seniors is your prime concern, Jummico is the brand you can rely on blindly. The breathable webbing and thick cushions of this adjustable chair for the elderly is a super comfy combo, enabling them to spend even a whole day sitting in it. It reclines back from a sitting posture to the napping position. I want you to know some key features of this recliner.


When you Google ergonomic recliner chair reviews, you will find it Amazon’s best seller because it reclines back effortlessly without the help of any lever or push button. The backrest is adjustable from a straight upright position to the angle where you can catch a wink blissfully.  

As the name suggests, you can use it in your TV lounge as a home theater sofa and watch your favorite movies. 

The frame is made up of steel for lifelong durability and flexibility. The breathable fabric upholstery and thick padded cushion give you pacifying sensations. The well-made, sleek design seems excellent and responds to any interior. Read below the dimensions of the chair to have a clear idea of the recliner.


Open:19.8” width x 62.6” Depth x 29.8” Height
Closed: 19.8” Width x28.8” Depth x 38.6” Height
Seat: 19.8″ Width x 20.5″ Depth
Seat: 19.8″ Width x 20.5″ Depth
Seat Height: 17.7″
  • Reclining the chair is ultra-simplified. A slight effort reclines your back and lifts your feet at an angle of comfort.
  • It is a weightless recliner and extremely easy to shift from one place to another.
  • The compact design of this chair gives an airy feel to the living room.
  • The simple design and grey color match nearly everything around.
  • Inexpensive as compared to all other recliners in the market, find having the same features.
  • Assembly is as easy as one can imagine; no tools are required, but a little effort, and are ready to sit in.
  • The arms are not so high, especially when you are in a lay-back reclined position; you will feel no arms supporting your body.
  • Not fit for the people weighing above 260 lbs.


If you buy this recliner, try not to put much weight over the armrests as they are made up of plywood material.


Christopher Knight Home Walter Fabric Recliner

Christopher Knight Home Walter Fabric Recliner

Christopher Knight Home is a fantastic brand that is well recognized for the most comfortable recliners. Among all the chairs for seniors, Christopher Knight Home Walter Fabric Recliner is at the top of the list because of its comfy, cozy, and calming features. It helps you to chill out and cheers in your bedroom, living room, or media room, wherever you place it in your home.


The elegant design, studded trim, carved legs, 100% polyester fabric, and tufted backrest make it the genuinely fantastic recliner. It is the most comfortable recliner for elderly folks because of the footrest that expands with such resilience enabling you to stretch your legs at the length of your bed. Furthermore, you can recline almost flat at its farthest point. The most graceful feature is that it appears as a regular club chair, and nobody can have a clue that it’s a recliner until you lean back on it. This slim, sturdy, supportive, and comfy recliner comes in less than 70-pound weight, 40 inches height, and 35 inches width giving it the best reclining chair reviews.

  • You can spick and span it effortlessly with a damp cloth moist with water
  • You can enjoy the same comfort of huge monster recliners in this extra cozy and slim club chair
  • This stylish recliner is easy to assemble. You can put it together in less than 20 minutes
  • Among the best-rated recliners, it is an excellent buy for the money because of its extensive comfort
  • If you find some smooth fabric seat, it’s not for you, as its fabric weave is remarkably evident
  • The back is tilted. If you want to sit straight, you can do it with the help of a large cushion or pillow


It is the best reclining chair among the top-rated recliners because of its sleek design, cozy shape, and reasonable price


Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner

Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner

When you are getting old, you need the company around or the comfort inside your home. If you find no comfortable place to sit at home, you may invest in the Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner. Moreover, you can grease the wheels by charging your mobile phone and tablet with a built-in USB node and keeping your entertainment stuff with you. To know more about the outstanding features, read further.


The recliner leans back to infinite positions and can be operated just with the help of a touch button available at the right arm side. A swivel tray comes with the package and can be attached on either side of the recliner. You may use this swivel tray to place your handy stuff over it. 

The recliner is convenient because of power outlets and storage compartments. There are cup holders on both sides to give you a feel out of this world with your favorite coffee.

Seat Dimensions

Width 24.41”
Depth 20.67”
Height 20.08”

Chair Dimensions

Length 38”
Width 39.5”
Height 20.08”
  • The recliner seat is way too soft that you can sink into it and feel like a bug in the rug.
  • The recliner is upholstered with polyurethane, which is squishy, long-lasting, and easy to clean.
  • Built-in hidden USB Ports to charge your gadget keeping in your access.
  • The assembly of the recliner is speedy, like the clappers.
  • Take advantage of an infinite reclining position with a push-button.
  • The recliner comes with a strong chemical smell that is worrisome, at least for weeks long.
  • The headrest is pretty low, and you need to put on a pillow to lift your head.


To luxuriate in a plushy soft recliner with modern charging and swivel tray options. But if you are suffering from a bad back, you must consider twice before buying this recliner. Its soft padded seat might increase your backache; otherwise, it is the best small power recliner chair.


Christopher Knight Home Emersyn Tufted Microfiber Power Recliner

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Christopher Knight Home Emersyn Tufted Microfiber Power Recliner

Are you finding a solution to get rid of the traumas of old age and tiredness? You may try Emersyn Tufted Microfiber Power Recliner made and designed by Christopher Knight Home. The claim to fame is the high-tech manufacturing of the recliner that enables you to recline back or adjust your feet with a finger touch. 

You can doze off at the right angle and get up out without putting pressure on your knees. To explore more about its healing features, keep reading on.


The recliner style is transitional, which means it is a blend of classic and modern furniture with a soft and relaxed appearance.

The reclining mechanism fits the bill. A power motor saves you push-back struggle and offers your desired reclining positions. Going the extra mile helps you to get in or out of the chair at ease. 

A USB port is embedded in the recliner that lets you continue using a phone or IPAD for hours. There is hidden storage space in the armrest and cup holders on both sides to give you an extra easy peasy feel. The microfiber stuff upholstery is easy to clean.  

The recliner base is made up of durable plastic, making it firm and supportive to lounge in. The recliner is a space saver and can be lined up in any corner of your living room. 


Length 32.68”
Width 39.76”
Height 41.73”
  • The firm backrest relieves your backache issues swiftly.
  • The chair lets you sit more upright that’s why it’s perfect for office use and relieves your back pain.
  • The smooth and quiet power motor reclining mechanism gives you the feeling of luxury.
  • The narrow seat is suitable for a grown-up adult but not an obese person to curl upon it.
  • It is a supportive chair but not a lavishly soft fall and sink into the chair.


No doubt it’s a real deal combining modernity and ergonomics. The firm back support and thick padded seat are a great combo to relieve back pain. But if you want to buy a fluffy recliner to sink in, it’s better to look further.


Merax Power Lift Recliner Chair Lazy Sofa for Elderly

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Merax Power Lift Recliner Chair Lazy Sofa for Elderly

The Merax power lift recliner is specifically designed for people with mobility issues. While talking about the power lift recliners, you must make a wise investment by choosing this electric power recliner. The lifting mechanism is smooth and slow to offer you extra comfort just with the push of a button. The rocking feature of the recliner allows you to stand on your feet without bending your knees. It is not only a comfort creature but a fine piece of ornament. Here are some relevant features you should know before making a choice. 


The reclining function is operated by a single power motor which provides you with an easy and smooth reclining mechanism. It lets you recline back in a lying-down position. The recliner’s base is designed to lift you out of the chair just by tilting a little forward. Only two keys on the remote can control reclining and lifting.

The chair’s high back is perfect for supporting your head, and fluffed armrests with thick cushions are far too comfortable. The upholstery material is like a plushy velvet to add significant beauty to your house.



Width 34.6″
Depth 38.2″
Height 39.4″


Width 31.5″
Height 27.56″


Width 17.3″
Depth 20.5″
Height 19.3″
  • Power motor to operate the mechanism swiftly.
  • The recliner is easy to assemble and easy to operate with a remote control system.
  • Side pockets enhance the space for handy stuff.
  • The pitch of the recliner suits any size or height of a human.
  • Too heavy to shift it to another corner
  • The narrow seating of the chair does not support the fat people.


The covering of the recliner is eye-filling; at the same time, it is super attractive for your pets, and you need to keep an eye on them, not to scratch it. It will let you snuggle in and sink in, not like the other chairs with solid backs to support your back pains. However, it’s not a good option for back pain sufferers.


Don’t pour your money down the drain for scrap being sold in the market. Make wise choices, and you don’t have an option to commit a mistake when buying a recliner, as it’s a long-term investment.

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