Buy Best Recliners for 6 Feet or Tall People 

Not every piece of furniture fits all and provides the comfort expected from them. The same goes with reclining chairs. Different chairs have different dimensions, and standard-size recliners don’t fit tall and big people. Either they are too snug or the feet dangle over the footrest. There are large recliners available on the market that are specifically designed for 6 feet or tall people.

The most important thing to do is make sure that you are well-informed when purchasing a large recliner for a tall person. Stores will be limited in their selection, and the internet is the best place to shop for your furniture if you want that tall man recliner.

The best recliner for tall people is probably going to depend on your unique needs and wants. That said, if you want a sturdy product that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, then choosing a high-weight capacity recliner would be the way out. But if you want something more stylish with storage pockets and cup holders, then choosing a Mcombo brand large recliner will best fit your needs.

A tall man can choose from different brands and models of recliners. If you’re one of those people who can’t find the right chair, don’t worry. There are ways to make sure that your chair will fit you perfectly. But before that, you need to understand the types of options available at hand.

Types of Recliners for Tall People

There are various types of recliners based on their different features and power sources.

Manual recliners are also available in different sizes and shapes, but not as many as power ones. However, they are still good choices for those who don’t want to spend too much money on their chairs.

Power recliners are the most popular ones among tall men because they provide more comfort than manual ones. These electric recliners offer extra features that make them more appealing than their manual counterparts. These include heating options and adjustable positions of the back rests and footrests.

The price of these recliner chairs varies depending on the type of material used in the manufacturing process and the size of the chair itself; however, manual recliners are still affordable options compared to electric massage chairs that may cost thousands of dollars per unit!

Detailed User Guide 

What is the best recliner for tall men?

There are many brands that provide high-quality recliner chairs for tall people, like Signature Design by Ashley, Mcombo, Christopher Knight Home, and more. But if you want to buy one of these models, then you need to know what considerations should be made when purchasing such an item.

Before buying any recliner, it is important to consider factors like comfort level and size, as well as the price range. Below are some tips on how to choose the best recliner for a tall person:

Seat Material: The seat material should be soft and comfortable enough to make sure that your tall man doesn’t feel any pain while sitting on it. Additionally, the material should be long-lasting too, so that when it wears off after some time, there won’t be any problem with replacing it again with another one.

Filling – Some people prefer foam-filled cushions, while others may prefer polyester or anything else. You should always go for cushions made from foam or foam-filled cushions to provide maximum comfort and support for your back and spine. In addition, some brands have also started using memory foam, which provides support for your back and reduces pressure on the body during sleeping sessions. The foam filling is usually denser than regular foam mattresses, so it helps improve your posture while sitting on it.

Size: The next thing you need to consider while buying a recliner is its dimension. It should be large enough so that you can sit comfortably while lying down or sitting upright without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

Dimensions: The most important factor to consider while buying a recliner for big and tall people is the dimensions. The best way to measure the required dimensions is to measure the width, depth, and height of a perfectly fit chair. But there are some minimum measurements too.

A beat tall man recliner must be at least 42 inches wide, 40 inches deep, and 46 inches high. The best fully reclined length must be at least 70 inches. A recliner with these dimensions would be the best for a 5’6″-6′ 5” inch person.

Power Sources – It’s essential for you to check if your favorite recliner is an electric one or a manual. The chairs that are electric are usually operated remotely and do not need any physical effort. On the other hand, manual mechanisms need more effort to change or adjust positions.

Additional Features – There are several other features that may be the starting point for you such as the number of positions available, storage pockets, cup holders, or power sources. Some may consider USB charging ports essential for their recliner chairs.

Tested and Approved Choices 

Here are my top picks for tall man recliners in each category.

Editor’s Choice:

Irene House 9193 Large Dual OKIN Motor Power Lift Recliner is my personal favorite on this list due to its sturdy design and infinite positions.

Best Budget Choice:

CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner is the best choice with many features that too at an affordable price.

Best Power Lift Recliner:

Signature Design by Ashley is the easy-to-operate power lift recliner. All of its parts can be operated with a remote.

5 Best Recliners For Tall Man 

Here are my top 5 Large recliners for big and tall people.


Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner

Brand: Lane Home Furnishings
Color: Walnut
Signature Design by Ashley Ballister Contemporary Power Lift Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley Ballister Contemporary Power Lift Recliner Best Values

Brand: Signature Design by Ashley
Color: Gunmetal
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Mcombo Large Power Lift Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat

MCombo Large Power Lift Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat for Elderly Big and Tall People, 3 Positions, 2 Side Pockets, and Cup Holders, USB Ports, Faux Leather 7516 (Large, Dark Brown)
mcombo large power lift recliner chair with massage and heat

Product Features

MaterialFaux Leather
Dimensions39.8″D x 35.4″W x 44.5″H 
Fully reclined length67″
Color6 variants available
Ideal Height5’7″-6’2″

Product Review

Mcombo large chair is the first on my list of best recliners for tall men and women. It was the first recommendation for one of my friends as I had a very good experience with the small variant of Mcombo Power Lift recliners. 

The chair came in three parts. This was very easy to assemble and we could put it together without any tools. It had heat, massage, and power lift features all working as was advertised. The design and comfort offered by the chair are incredible. Faux leather material gives it a royal look and feel. The stitching and construction of the chair is also nice.

This recliner is not much noisy in massage mode with only a slight growling sound coming out. 

The only issue was with footrest massagers that popped out violently and hurt. I guess the padding on the footrest also needs to be updated with a thicker one. Otherwise, it is a great choice for tall people.

  • Three positions 
  • Massage and Heat feature
  • Comfortable getting in and out
  • Comes with Cup Holders 
  • Uncomfortable foot massagers

Personal Recommendations

I recommend it to anyone under 6’2″ in height. It has a sturdy design, and solid construction and is easy to assemble at home. 


CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner Chairs

CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner Chairs with Massage and Heat for Elderly Big People, Heavy Duty Electric Faux Leather Reclining Chairs with USB Port and 2 Side Pockets, Brown
canmov large power lift recliner chairs

Product Features

MaterialFaux Leather
Dimensions40D x 42W x 43H in
Fully reclined length68″
ColorBrown + Gray

Product Review

Are you a 6 feet person or more and struggling with finding a right fit for yourself?

This is my favorite in the category of large recliner chairs for 6 feet or over because of its overstuffed back and footrest. I personally tried and tested its different features. The back and footrest of this recliner are very comfortable, unlike Mcombo power lift recliners whose footrest is pretty uncomfortable, at least for me.

My friend told me that the assembly of the chair is also very easy and quick to put together the wires. It took him hardly 20 minutes to assemble all three parts. It can recline up to 150 degrees which is more than many other large recliners. 

This Canmov recliner is also well-priced. All the features of a lavish power lift recliner are available at an affordable price. You can also clean it easily with a microfiber cloth and it will look spick and span. Only the massage feature is a bit awkward as it does not do any massage instead it only vibrates at different settings. 

  • Best for sleeping
  • Reclines up to 150 degrees
  • Overstuffed comfortable back
  • Value for money
  • No massagers, only vibrates at different settings
  • No cup holders 

Personal Recommendations

It is a good choice for a big man/woman who wants a cozy chair for reading books, watching TV, or simply sleeping in it. It would be working smoothly with a motor creating some sound while lifting and reclining. 


Irene House 9193 Large Dual OKIN Motor Power Lift Recliner

Irene House 9193 Large Dual Motor Lays Flat Power Lift Recliner Modern Fabric Electric Power Chair for The Elderly with 2 Side Pockets (Brown Chenille)
irene house 9193 large dual okin motor power lift recliner

Product Features

Dimensions38.19″D x 33.86″W x 43.9″H
Color4 color variants

Product Review

Did your doctor recommended to sleep in a recliner chair to avoid pressure on muscles? Or you struggle sleeping on a flatbed in a fixed posture? No more worries as Irene house has this dual motor recliner for your needs. 

I have used it for some days after my surgery and it was sent over by one of my friends back in the COVID days. This is the first recliner I ever used consistently for some days, and I was so delighted that I bought my own. This is slightly more expensive than other options on my list.

The design and fabric of the chair are also different from any leather recliner chair. It was made with Chenille and I had the brown-colored variant. 

The chair was well built and soft, with all features working. It had small pockets for storing items like remotes, mobile phones, etc. The chair provides a good lift feature that helps with standing easily. This is what I needed at that time. There are some negative points too, but the positives outweigh those negatives. One issue was with the footrest; when I tried to open it, the back reclined, which is what I did not want. But apparently, there was no way to fix that. Additionally, one of my friends is 6’5″, and his legs were hanging over the footrest. So I guess it won’t be suitable for taller people.

  • Soft and Sturdy design
  • 180-degree recline
  • Infinite positions
  • May not be suitable for more than 6 feet people
  • There is a little issue with the design of the footrest

Personal Recommendations

This would be the best choice for those 6 feet or above. The chair is comfortable, soft, and easy to assemble.


Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner

Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner, Wood
lane home furnishings rocker recliner

Product Features

MaterialSteel foam, and fabric
Dimensions40″D x 44″W x 48″H
Ideal Height5’7″–6’5″
Fully reclined length79″

Product Review

Looking for a chic home theater with a large recliner? Lane Furniture has got you covered. This is truly a big man recliner by the brand.

It was bought for the home theater by my family. We were looking for something bigger and more comfortable at the same time. It’s a rocking recliner that rocks when the footrest is down. It is larger in size and takes more space than a wall-saver recliner to incline to its full length.

It looks finished with distressed leather, but actually, it was a smooth fabric that is comfortable. The best thing about this recliner is its weight-carrying ability, which is higher than any other model on the list. It can carry around 400 lbs. and won’t recline further due to weight.

Its reclining angle is around 180 degrees, as it looks like a mattress when fully reclined to its length. Its rocking motion is also quite great.

One major issue was with the steel frame, which was probably some aluminum foil, as it snapped after a few months, and I had to repair the frame structure myself. That was tiring. All in all, it’s a good wide-beast recliner.

  • Suitable for big, heavy people
  • Value for the cost
  • Deep Recline 
  • Extra-wide Chair
  • Rocking recliner
  • Low-quality steel frame 
  • Less durable

Personal Recommendations

I recommend it to all big men who are taller and heavier. This is a good choice for you if you want a rocking recliner that can withstand your weight.


Signature Design by Ashley Ballister Contemporary Power Lift Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley Ballister Contemporary Power Lift Recliner, Brown
signature design by ashley ballister contemporary power lift recliner

Product Features

MaterialFoam and Polyester 
Dimensions41″D x 36″W x 43″H
Fully reclined length72 inches

Product Review

Obsessed with Ashley’s furniture or want to try it for the first time?

This is the signature recliner by Ashley on my list. The chair is very useful and well-designed. Its sturdy construction and strong frame can bear a weight of up to 300 lbs. Headrest, footrest, back, and lumbar support can be controlled independently, allowing adjustment in infinite positions. This feature is a big plus, unlike dual Okin recliners, where the back and leg rest are connected. It made getting in and out very easy, hence reducing reliance on other human beings.

The recliner has 4 motors and 10 control buttons on the remote, so each part might be difficult to handle for the elderly. One major negative point is its footrest. That doesn’t come up to the level of the seat. Otherwise, it is a good piece of furniture that is a must-have for post-surgery or recovering from any injury.

  • Infinite positions are available
  • Attractive piece of furniture
  • Value for money
  • Hard seating material
  • The footrest does not come up to the level of the seat

Personal Recommendations

It would be the best gift for older people who might have issues getting up and down with normal chairs. It is also great for sitting, sleeping, or reading comfortably.


What size is a big man’s recliner?

There is no exact size for a tall man reclining in chairs. But a recliner with an average full reclined length of 72–80 inches and a seat width of 22 inches is considered suitable for people around 6 feet taller and heavier.

Which is the best leather recliner for a tall man?

The Mcombo Large Power Lift Recliner is considered the best leather recliner for tall people. It has massage and heat features, along with power lift and tilt features. These are comfy and nice pieces of furniture and go well with the interior.

Can a recliner withstand a 400-pound man?

Not all recliners are made with the same materials, resulting in the same weight-bearing ability and durability.
An average large recliner can bear around 300 lbs. of weight easily, while some may withstand more than that. Lane Home recliners can easily withstand around 400 lbs. of weight.

Final Thoughts 

A recliner is a really good investment and gives you several great benefits that you cannot get in any other chair. If you are tall and want to purchase an effective recliner, we suggest you pick our top 1 or 2 choices to buy. They are worth your money and satisfy the requirements of tall people.

But if you want a cozy rocking recliner, then option 4 would be the best bet for you.

All in all, the Irene House motor powered is bound to be your best bet if you are looking for a recliner with the ideal balance of sleekness and comfort for a tall person. This is the futon that we highly recommend to those tall individuals who want comfort and style

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