Do Power Recliners Last Longer – 6 Ways To Optimal Lifespan

Do power lift recliners last a few years?

Power recliners are a type of recliner that is powered by a battery or electric motor. They carry a lot of advantages over manual reclining chairs. Here is the query: How long does a power recliner last? Why are people skeptical about the longevity of power recliners? And how should you maintain a power recliner?

There’s no perception of how long your power recliner will last. Some people have had their chairs for years with little problems, while others have had them for just a few months, and now they’re out of warranty and having problems with them. So how can you figure out how long your power recliner will last?

The lifespan of these recliner chairs greatly depends on how they are used and how well they are maintained. If they are not regularly cleaned, the fabric or leather seating material will start to deteriorate over time.

Likewise, if you frequently use your power recliner throughout the day, this could cause damage to the seating material and padding over time. This can also lead to issues with motors and even the failure of the entire unit.

An average power recliner can last 10–15 years if you maintain it properly. However, some people claim that they have been using their recliners for over 15 years and that they work perfectly fine. Hence, we can conclude that the longevity of these electric recliners depends on their maintenance.

How do I maintain power recliners?

There are some things you can do to ensure that your recliner lasts for years to come.

Avoid Using Power Extensions 

Power recliners are operated by electric motors. These motors use electricity, and we connect them to a power outlet. Sometimes, due to a lack of space near power outlets, people use power extensions, but that can be dangerous. In the event of power fluctuations or any sudden power failure, your extension might blow your recliner motor.

So we recommend connecting them directly with the main power sources and avoiding using extensions.

Protect From Getting Wet 

Another way to prevent wear and tear on your recliner is to keep it in a dry and warm place. Furniture placed in humid or wet rooms does not last long.

So we recommend that you protect your recliner from getting wet or absorbing too much moisture in the open air. Moisture can damage the metal frame of your power recliner and even disturb the working mechanism of the electric motor.

Do Extensive Cleaning 

One of the most important steps in the maintenance of your electric recliners is to clean them often and thoroughly.

You should wipe off your faux leather recliners with a damp microfiber cloth or even use a mixture of a dishwasher and warm water to clean up any stains or debris. Make sure to unplug your recliner while cleaning, and make sure liquid does not get into contact with the electrical parts of the recliner.

Similarly, you can use your fabric recliners as well.

Extensive cleaning also includes cleaning metal or steel frames to prevent rusting and ensure their longevity.

Inspect the motor wiring.

Most power recliners fail due to the failure of electric motors. You need to keep a check on the wires and cords of the motor to ensure they are not damaged or frayed. This way, you can repair any fault before causing any serious damage to the wiring and working of your power recliner.

Lubricate to Minimize Squeaks 

It’s important to lubricate all metal parts of your recliners after extensive cleaning. You should lubricate all the nuts, bolts, hinges, springs, and metal frames of the recliner present on the underside of the recliner. This will minimize squeaks from all moving parts of the recliner.

Vacuum Fabric Recliners 

Make sure that you clean your fabric power recliner at least once a month. You must remove any debris or dust from the fabric materials with a vacuum cleaner or rag. If you have pets who use the recliner too, you must vacuum more often.

Conclusion: Do Power Recliners Last Longer?

People are skeptical about the longevity of power recliners. While many power recliners last as long as 15–20 years, a few didn’t last even for a year. It’s important to buy a recliner that fits your needs and provides value for money. There are various power recliners available out there. You can choose a suitable model and keep it with care by following all the best practices mentioned above. If you do so, you will be able to get comfort out of your power chair for years.


Can electric recliners be repaired?

Yes, electric or power recliners can be repaired. Repairing cost mainly depends on the details of the impairment. Minor damages like spring faults, cord or wire replacements of motors, or some issues with fabric can be repaired at an average cost of around $100. 
But if your recliner motor has broken down, it might need to be replaced, which can cost you a higher sum of money. 

How much does it cost to fix an Electric recliner?

Electric recliner motor repair can cost you anywhere from $100 up to $300 or more depending upon the severity of the problem and your recliner’s model. It can cost you more or nominal counting on the kind of repair. Similarly, the price may further rise if you need to replace any part of your recliner. For instance, repairing the remote control of the electric recliner may cost you around $30 or more.

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