How to Fix a Recliner Cable? Get Your Recliner Back in Action 

Are you the proud owner of a comfy recliner? But what happens when that cable snaps and your chair won’t stay in the upright position anymore? Not to worry. Here’s a quick guide on how to fix a recliner cable and make your favorite seat as good as new.

In this article, we’ll explore the basics of recliner cables, why they snap, and how to replace them. We will also provide a few tips for preventative maintenance so your chair can last for years. Read on to learn more.

What is a Recliner Cable?

A recliner cable is a metal wire that connects the control mechanism of your favorite chair to its frame. This cable allows you to adjust the backrest and footrest positions with ease. The cables are usually made from steel and are subject to wear and tear as time passes.

The cable can become worn or stretched due to frequent use, and this can cause it to snap. Additionally, improper usage of the recliner (such as resting heavy items on it) can also increase the likelihood of a snapped cable. Whatever the reason, the end result is usually the same: your recliner won’t stay in its adjusted position.

How to Fix a Recliner Cable?

Replacing a recliner cable is not as difficult as you may think! Here are the steps that you need to follow to replace your recliner cable successfully:

Step 1: Inspect the cable and identify the problem

The first step to replacing your recliner cable is to assess the current state of the cable. Inspect it closely and determine what damage has occurred (e.g., stretched, broken, or twisted). This information will help you decide which type of replacement cable you will need.

The cable route should also be examined to ensure it is not blocked or kinked. If this is the case, you can try to straighten out the wire and see if it works. If not, then you may need to replace the cable.

Step 2: Acquire replacement parts (if needed) 

Once you have identified the issue with your recliner cable, it is time to acquire replacement parts. The type of cable that you need will depend on which model of recliner you have. Check the manual or contact the manufacturer for specific instructions and guidelines.

You can purchase new cables from home improvement stores or online retailers, but be sure to check the measurements of your existing cable before buying a new one. That way, you can ensure the replacement will fit correctly and work with your recliner’s mechanism.

Step 3: Remove the old cable 

This is an essential step when replacing a recliner cable. Before installing the new cable, you need to remove the old one. This is usually done by unscrewing bolts or screws that hold the cable in place. Be sure to have a screwdriver on hand and keep track of where each part goes, so you won’t have any issues during reassembly.

Step 4: Install the new cable 

Now it’s time to install the new cable. Begin by threading the cable through the recliner’s mechanism and then attaching it to its frame. To attach the cable, you will likely need to use small hooks or clamps. Be sure not to overtighten these, as this can damage the cable and cause it to snap.

Once everything is in place, you can secure it with bolts or screws. Then test out your newly installed recliner cable and ensure it works properly.

Test the cable once more after a few days of use to ensure it is still in good condition. With these easy steps, you can have your favorite seat as good as new!

5 Tips for Preventative Maintenance 

To keep your recliner cables working like clockwork and prevent them from snapping, there are a few maintenance tips you should follow.

  1. Ensure you only use the recliner for its intended purpose and do not lean, sit, or place heavy items on it.
  2. Regularly inspect the cable to check for signs of wear and tear, such as fraying or kinks in the wire.
  3. If possible, periodically clean the cable to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating.
  4. Ensure the cable is not pinched or blocked in any way, as this can damage it over time.
  5. If you notice anything wrong with the cable, replace it promptly to avoid further damage and costly repairs.

Following these tips, you can help keep your recliner cables functioning like new for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put the cable back in a recliner chair?

Some chairs will require you to take them apart and then attach the cables back into place. However, many chairs are designed so that the cables can be reattached without taking them apart. Check your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to do this for your chair model.

How do you attach a recliner cable to a handle?

The recliner cable should have a small hook on one end. This hook should be attached to the handle. If your cable does not come with a hook, you can purchase them from most hardware stores and attach it yourself.

Where do recliners plug in?

Recliners typically plug into a wall outlet or power strip. Ensure the outlet has enough wattage to support the recliner and is rated for continuous use. Do not use an extension cord, as this can be dangerous and may cause damage to your recliner.

How do you tighten a recliner screw?

Using a screwdriver, start by removing the screws from the base of your chair. Once removed, you can insert the new screws and apply pressure until they are tight. Be sure only to tighten them as much as needed; otherwise, you may strip or damage the screws.


Now that you know how to fix a recliner cable, you can keep your favorite relaxation spot in tip-top shape. Whether it is broken or needs a tightener, these steps will help ensure your recliner is always ready for an afternoon of lounging.

And you’ll save yourself the effort of replacing a whole cable. So, if you ever need to fix your recliner cable again, just remember these easy steps, and you’ll be back in lounging mode in no time.

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