Adjusting a Recliner That Leans Back Too Far – Step-by-Step Recliner Adjustment Guide

Recliners are the favorite happy places for many people with long days of exhausting work or those with compromised mobility. But what if your recliner starts leaning back so far that you fear tipping over your head anytime soon?

It can be frustrating if your recliner starts leaning back too far. Reasons could be anything like reclining angle setting, wear and tear in the reclining mechanism, or a loose mechanism. But you don’t really need to worry, as you can easily adjust your reclining chair if it keeps leaning back.

First and foremost, you need to identify the type of recliner you have and locate the mechanism to adjust its tilt. The ways to adjust reclining ages might slightly differ for power and manual recliners.

Here I have stated some of the common approaches to adjusting your receiver chairs if they lean back too deeply.

How do I fix my Electric recliner that reclines too far back?

There are a few different ways you may be able to adjust your electric recliner if it reclines too far:

Check for a stop or limit switch

Many electric recliners have a stop or limit switch that you can adjust to limit the angle at which the chair will recline. This switch is usually located under the seat or on the side of the chair, and it may have a small lever or button that you can move to set the limit.

Adjust the tension

Some electric recliners have a tension adjustment that allows you to control the resistance of the reclining mechanism. You may be able to find this adjustment under the seat or on the side of the chair. Increasing the tension will make it harder for the chair to recline, while decreasing the tension will make it easier.

Consult the manual

If you can’t find a stop or limit switch or an adjustment for the tension, check the manual for your recliner. It may have additional instructions or suggestions for adjusting the recline angle.

Consider adding a wedge

If you still can’t find a way to adjust the recline angle, you may be able to use a wedge or cushion to adjust the angle at which the chair reclines. Place a wedge or cushion behind the back of the chair to prop it up and reduce the angle of reclining.

But if you feel like nothing above is working with your recliner and it keeps on leaning backward too deep beyond the normal declining angle, there might be some issues with tension springs. You can tighten and even replace tension springs to keep your recliner from reclining too deeply. You can easily buy heavy-duty replacement springs from a hardware store or even online.

Replace Old Tension Springs with New Ones

To replace tension springs in the reclining mechanism of your recliner, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Turn your recliner forward to access the reclining mechanism at the base of your recliner.
  2. Locate the tension springs and identify those that need to be replaced.
  3. If springs are not present, look for tabs or clips where springs might have been attached to the frame.
  4. If springs are there, all you need to do is mark the tabs where they were attached to the frame on both ends.
  5. Remove the old springs from the frame on both ends with the help of a plier.
  6. You might need to be extra careful as the springs could be under tension.
  7. Replace the old, loose springs with replacement springs. (You can buy them online from a retailer or any furniture store, depending on your recliner model and specifications.)
  8. The new springs will be extremely tight, so you can put washers between each coil for an easy installation.
  9. Install new tension springs at the marked tabs with the help of pliers.
  10. Be sure to connect the spring with a frame on both ends carefully.
  11. Remove the washers from the coils, and the springs will go back to their natural position.
  12. Put the recliner back in the normal position and check the reclining depth.

How can I adjust my manual recliner that leans back too far?

To adjust the recline angle of a manual recliner, you may need to adjust the tension of the recline mechanism. Here are some steps you can follow:

Locate the adjustment mechanism. This is usually a small lever or knob located under the seat or on the right side of the chair.

Try adjusting the tension by turning the lever or knob clockwise to increase the tension or counterclockwise to decrease the tension.

Test the chair’s recline angle by sitting in it and reclining back. If the chair reclines too far, try adjusting the tension again until it feels comfortable to you.

If you are still having difficulty adjusting the tension, check the owner’s manual for your chair. It may have specific instructions for adjusting the recline angle.

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Why is my recliner loose?

The reason behind a loose recliner might be a setting issue, wear and tear of the reclining mechanism over time, or simply some loose screws that needed to be tightened. 

Can the tension on a Lazy Boy recliner be adjusted?

Yes, the tension on a La-Z Boy recliner can be adjusted. The more tension, the less will be the reclining motion backward. Less tension causes more in-depth reclining. 

What is the average life of a recliner?

The average life of the recliner chair can span 10-15 years. If you Maintain and use your reclining chair with care and it can last for years.

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